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I'm needing Edward and Josephine to complete my set. 

I have lots of duplicates I can trade. Also have some gold cards I can hold until trading them becomes available. 

Please help me!

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I have Josephine I can give you. Can I get some lower level cards in return? I'm still looking to complete my first set before the entire album expires in a week.

I have tons of cards i give you for josephine all i need is josephine. If its a Gold card you cant trade gold card untradeable. Until they have special Promo day to do that.

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I have all cards u need if u give me Josephine

Jason Hook a brother up with that card i give you every lower card you need i got tons. some i got 7 or 8 duplicates.

JASON Send me a friends request, then message me what cards you need. Thanks

Have several complete extra sets available plus tons of extras of all but the higher two sets I Just need Cheetah in wild cats friend me And lets trade send coins daily also


Good evening. Does anyone has the Silver Lion? Got Some doubles to trade? 

I'm looking for Silver Lion. Does anyone would like to trade? Maybe I have some other cards you need or I can ask my friends. 


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