Slotomania Slot Machines I Need Some Of Slotocards, Also Check The List If You Need Something From Me... :)

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Hello fellow human beings :)

Here is the list of the slotocards I need and I can give...
The collections with the PRIORITY are the ones I have Ace card in.

Thanks for the help...

         THE LIST
Flower Power - PRIORITY

NEED: The Guardian | The Healer
CAN GIVE: 1x The Answer | 1x Young Again | 1x Wildflower | 1x Bouquet of Enchantment

Tea Time (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Pink Party
CAN GIVE: 2x China Chug | 1x Picnic Basket

Fun in the Sun (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Fly High | Bottle Popping | Private Jet
CAN GIVE: 1x Beach Hat | 1x Yacht Life

Galactic Glory (Missing ACE card)

NEED: ---
CAN GIVE: 1x The Destroyer | 1x The Viewer | 1x Crinx | 1x Zorx

V for Victory (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Go Team! | Checkmate!
CAN GIVE: 1x First to Finish | 1x Glory Cup | 2x Master's Cup

I <3 Piggy (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Safari Piggy | Indiana Piggy | Sheriff Piggy | King of the Piggies
CAN GIVE: 1x Chef Piggy | 3x Christmas Piggy

Barnyard Blitz (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Rake it Up | Wendy Wool | Freddy Farmer | Ollie Ox
CAN GIVE: 2x Chicken Charlie | 1x Harry Horseshoe

Mushroom Village (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Brainshroom | Bartolkian | Powershroom | Razbazkin
CAN GIVE: 2x Loveshroom | 1x Languageshroom

House of Pharaoh (Missing ACE card)

NEED: King's Ashes
CAN GIVE: 1x Horus's Victory | 3x Art of Anubis | 3x Golden Jackal | 1x The Lock | 1x Isetnofret's Gold

Jolly Rogers - PRIORITY

NEED: The Skulls | One-Eyed Joe | Jolly Roger
CAN GIVE: 1x Kill Will | 1x Seaside Sam | 1x The Map | 1x The Alexandra | 2x Jose Muerto

Rich Forever - PRIORITY

NEED: Money Bags | Bars of Gold | Jewel Case
CAN GIVE: 1x Rainbow Riches | 1x Gold Cart | 4x Bag of Diamonds

Feline Fun (Missing ACE card)

NEED: The Stringer | Furlicious | Mr.Meowgi
CAN GIVE: 1x Grrrreisha

Bear Necessities (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Kuala Cool | G-Day Postcard | Himalaya Hunter
CAN GIVE: 1x Urus Ursidae

Sppoky Stars (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Skeleton Sam | Fearsome Franky | Wolfman Willie
CAN GIVE: 1x Gary Ghost | 2x Cedric Cyclops | 3x Shewolf Shelly

Wing Masters (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Iceeon | Golden Gust
CAN GIVE: 1x Litheon | 2x Xin-Fooo | 1x Black Burn | 3x WHite Wrath | 1x Flameeon | 2x Flying Fire

Bonus Time - PRIORITY

NEED: Paw Bonus | Star Bonus | Dark Light Bonus | Love Bonus
CAN GIVE: 1x Coupon Chaos | 2x NYC Bonus | 3x Fire Bonus | 1x Wheel of Wow

The Good Life (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Diamond Mirror | Designer Bag | Foofi | Glass Shoe
CAN GIVE: 2x Thing of Beauty | 2x Goldie

Wild Safari (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Zahara | Zee | HardHitter | Keere Shan | Rocko
CAN GIVE: 1x Monk

Oriental Magic (Missing ACE card)

NEED: The Tortoise | Treasure of Beijing | Mei Lin | Fortune Frog | Tin Mau | Su Ming
CAN GIVE: 1x Red Lantern | 2x Golden Emblem

Better Together (Missing ACE card)

NEED: Online Lovers | Beyond Appearance | Nectar Of The Gods | Josephine & Joe
CAN GIVE: 1x The Bugsteins | 3x The Divine Duo | 2x Lady & Gentleman

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How did you go getting cards?


Have Healer and Guardian, need Wildflower

Need Destoyer and Viewer, can give Jolly Roger

 pink party or sheriff piggy or checkmate or x-564 ?? Please !! I ghive you back what you need !!! I whate a answer !!

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