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I need the Duke card from the puppy love album.. I'm more than happy to trade for a card of any star amount.. plenty of duplicates
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Hi Jordan,

if you friend me on Facebook I will send you the Duke card even if you don't have any of the cards I need.

I need Brave tiger from Wild Cats, Edward and Josephine from Royal dreams.



I've got lots of cards to trade. I'm in need of the Julio. 

I've got Duke. I'm in need of the Julio card from Green Monsters. 

I sent you Julio

Add me and I'll send coins and mystery gifts everyday! I also have numerous duplicates of just about every card except of course Josephine. All I ask in return is Edward. He's the only none gold card I need so receiving him would be amazing! Help a fellow slotaddict out lol. Also, my cousin is in desperate need of Josephine if anyone has a spare they could send my way so I could help him that would be sweet too lol

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