Slotomania Slot Machines LOTS Of Cards For Trade And Giveaway - AND ALSO WHAT IM LOOKING FOR :)) IM AL

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Hi there, 

Here are quite a few Golden cards for Trade or Giveaway:

10 X Boss Brandy
10 X Bubbly on Ice
I4 X Shiny Loot
9 Landon
7 Juliouuu
12 Cash Clover
10 X 4-of-a-Kind
11 Lucky Seven
1 Arctic Tiger
11 Brave Tiger
15 Trixie Tiger
10 X Cougar Clark
12 X Cheetah Chase
2 King Midas
1 Edward
12 Candy King
11 Cleopatra
7 King Neptune
Lemon Punch
Farmer Frank
please let me know how we can be of help to each other :))!!
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I have all the ones you need except Josephine. I'm not sure how to trade the golden cards. I have some to trade but don't know how to do it.

Hey there Colten, 

someone asked me about how we actually trade the cards, and I'm not sure...could u please tell me? I'll look at your list and send whatever I can!! Tx!!!!!

no longer interested

Hey Colten, 

thanks for the info!!

i don't see the list with what u need - can u please let me know? 


Hi I need Edward ! And i can give you Josephine..add m

no longer interested


I sent you and Colten a friend request on Facebook, i have lots of cards to trade.

To trade, you just add each other as Facebook friends, then go to the GIFTS section.  In there, you go to the Sloto Cards tab, select the card(s) you want to send, then the person to send them to.  They show up in the gift list of the recipient in a few moments.  I love trading these cards, add me to FB if you want to trade:

i have granjero y fedora lemon necesito edward zanga,shinny loot

by  in box we can talk

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