Slotomania Slot Machines Mitch's 3rd Album MASTER LIST - Will Keep Updated!!

Below you will find a Master List of what I NEED for the 3rd album.  I will keep this updated often.  I'm kind of new to Slotomania and the community so far is AWESOME!!  I've traded with like three people and I'm ready for more!  As it goes for the 3rd album, I have about 80% of the TRADABLE cards available.  I found out you CAN'T trade ACE CARDS, so please keep that in mind.  Here we go!!

Updated last: 10/2/17 at 4:07pm

V FOR VICTORY: (*) Checkmate

I <3 PIGGY: (*) Sheriff Piggy

HOUSE OF PHARAOH: (*) Khafre's Cat

JOLLY ROGERS: (*) One-Eyed Joe

RICH FOREVER: (*) Bars of Gold

FELINE FUN: (*) The Stringer

SPOOKY STARS: (*****) Wolfman Willie

WING MASTERS: (****) Flying Fire

BONUS TIME: (*****) Dark Light Bonus and (*****) Love Bonus

THE GOOD LIFE: (*****) Glass Shoe

WILD SAFARI: (*****) HardHitter, (*****) Keere Shan and (*****) Rocko

BETTER TOGETHER: (*****) Online Lovers and (*****) Nectar of the Gods

The other categories are completed.   If you don't have a card that I need but you are in need of a certain card, please post your request anyway.  Some of the cards I have many duplicates of and could help you out without a trade.

Please direct your friends to this page!  Maybe with a bunch of us trading, we can rake in the cards and COINS!!


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Hi Mitch!

I have a lot cards u need except one eyed joe n til now cards from HOUSE OF P.., RICH FOREVER,  FELINE FUN, SPOOKY STARS, WING MASTER( i have flying fire), THE GOOD LIFE, WILD SAFARI, BETTER TOGETHER..

if i can help u n trade im glad! Regret n gl!

Excellent Waldi!!  Do you have cards that you need?  Please list them below!!  I have most of the cards that can be traded.  Not sure if you have many missing, but here's hoping we can get together and get some coins!!



I need yacht life from 3rd album in fun in the sunHelpp please

I have an extra Yacht Life I can send you.  Friend me and I'll send it when I look again.

I guess I'm getting down to the nitty gritty on cards...

Please check your albums!  I have a TON of cards to trade/give away (but prefer a trade, of course!!).

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