Slotomania Slot Machines Need Card "Bradley"(4 Stars) , Can Trade With Any Card

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  • LangJeff
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only one card left to complete the whole album, i have all the other cards, can someone please help? i can give any card you want.

I only need "Bradley", please help.

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I have Bradley and I will send u and pls if you have mr right sent me too 

  • LangJeff
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Hi Deme, i have Mr Right, but its a gold card, not tradable, do you need any card else?

Thank you

I have a Bradley for a little red 

I have Bradley for mudusa or mr right

I can do Bradley for Golden Touch, or any 5-star card.


I have Bradley for mudusa or me right

I have a Bradley for a Bingo Card!  PICK ME!!!!!

The world is a much nicer place, with people like Jeff in it. Thanks Jeff!


I have Bradley. Trade for Artemis!?

  • LangJeff
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Hi Deme, Thank you so much, really appreciated!

I have got your card, please feel free to let me know any cards you want, i pretty much have all of them

thank you :)

  • JeffLang
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Hi Rosemary, Bingo card sent to you :)

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