Slotomania Slot Machines Need Cards Please!!

Cards I NEED: 

Cherry Pie, Sundae & Layer cake.  Furry Fred, Hippy Harry & Pablo.  Love Ride, Spooky Bus & Coaster.  Catwich & Pepperoni.  Coin Shark, Jelly Fish, Spin Urchin, & Dolphin. Rachel, Trixie, Jessica & Chloe. Glam Sam, Juanita, Mollie, Klaus & Clive.  Future ball, Lucky seven, Cash clover, Horseshoe & Rich Kitty.


I HAVE: Cherry on top, bon bon, wynonna, fireman sam, sally, cassandra, deliver dan, sal, wizard of luck, angel fish, crab, yolanda, farmer frank, tractor, fire mobile, porsche, bobby jean, candy, rose, hannah, butterball, lucky dog, eggs & ham, tiago, witch hat, king arthur, lemon punch & cosmopolitan

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