Slotomania Slot Machines Need Cards Please. Willing To Trade What I Have.

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Thanks in advance for your help. These are the cards that I need:

Gary Goldfish (Under the Sea)- Not sure if if you can trade this since it is an Ace.
Ann Arnageddonsen (Sweet Devils)
Suzanne Spinstone (The Spinstones) - Again an Ace, so not sure if it can be traded.
Big Bullhorn (Hollywood Dreams)
Walk of Fame (Holywood Dreams) - Again an Ace. If you can't trade Aces, you can forget about Big Bullhorn.
Spin for Peace (Peace and Love)
Crystal-Ball Bella (Red Hot Vixens)
Dragon Dog (Golden Touch)
The Eagle (Golden Touch)
The Patriot (Golden Touch)
Mr. Magic (Lucy's Merry Men)
Apollo (Lucy's Merry Men) - Again an Ace. If you can't trade Aces, you can forget about Mr. Magic.

I am not sure what cards you may need, but here are some of the rarer cards I have (based on star ratings - 4 stars and up):
Don Amorito
Roulette Ronda
Irena Infernovo
Ferdinand Magellan
Pet-Me Patty
Lovers' Lap
Coin of Corinth
Pharaoh's Portrait
Wally Warthog
Sandra Spinstone
The Gilded Reel
Cindy Moo
Electic Shaman
Vicious Vera
Toayd Treasure
The Status
Survivor Sam
Cap'n Casanova
Uncle Neptune


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  • ZaiBel
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I have it. Do you have Dragon dog or pharaoh's portrait?
  • JudasPoe
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I got eagle for Don Amorito please one of the last cards I need.
Yes, I have pharoah's portrait. What can you give me for it?
Hey Judas. Can you trade me something other than the eagle for don amorito. Ideally, I would like to complete a set. Something like crystal ball bella or Ann armageddonsen?

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