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I need Scarecrow Sam, Lakarziam and Pyramid Power and others. Will trade you whatever I have.

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Add me i have cards.. I need foofi For complete álbum foofi in good life
Let's trade same cards, add me pls
Added you. I only need Fingers Up 2 complete one album, or Papa Polar & Himalaya Hunter... what cards do u need from which album??
U cannot receive those cards as gifts from friends. Only earn them by buying credit packages and spending

Thanks for letting me know, I also noticed you can trade in duplicates....but it seems you can only do it once every certain amount of time. I only started playing a couple of weeks ago so I must be on the latest album and need plenty of cards so I'm the poor newbie you can say:))lol

Send me a list I will give you any dups I have. I do not have the 3 most are looking for . I do have extra foofee's if needed.

 And yes the 3 you have listed are ace cards and are not tradable.

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