Slotomania Slot Machines Need Cards X8 From First Album, Happy To Trade With Any Card I Have Including 5-star Cards

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Hi all,

i only need the below cards to complete the first album, can anyone help?

I am happy to trade with any card that i have, including 5 stars.

Thank you

Lemon Treat
Bon Bon
Yellow Tang
Furry Fred
Today's Catch
Juanita x2



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Hi Jeff,

Except for Lemon Treat and Furry Fred, I have the other cards you need. Add me if you want to trade :)

Hi! Do u have mby Little red?

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Yes i do have little red , add me , please

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added you on FB.

what cards are you after?

Have sent 5 cards...will send more tomorrow.  I only need Gold cards - we can always trade in future albums  :)

Hi again, I sent Bonbon and Juanita to you

i have all the cards you need from first album...i need from second book   from set epic battle i need --space gun --slingshot ---from lucy set i need ---witchy lucy ---privat lucy/ ---casino fever set i need --bingo card ---bars of glory --cherry ---roulet wheel -/--     scatterd set i need --funshine ---kings roar /--wild west set i need --squanto --canteen ---saddle i need  more from the first sets in second book but thies first let me no

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Yes, i got them, thank you so much!

please keep in touch, and i ll send you GOLD cards then there are available to trade.

Thanks Heaps.

Jeff Lang

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