Slotomania Slot Machines Need & Gift In Album 1 & 2 -- UPDATE July 26 --

Hi everyone, i need following cards and gift cards... -- UPDATE July 26 --


Delicious Delight
Need: Popsicle, Sundae, Snow Cone, Ice Cream, Layer Cake
For Gift: Cherry on Top

Work it out
Need: Niles, Cassandra, Samantha, Wizard of Luke
For Gift: Sal x2

Go Fish
Need: Angel Fish, Jelly Fish, Yellow Tang
For Gift: Coin Shark

Puppy Love
Need: Cassie, Toto, Duke, Yolanda
For Gift: Pablo

Pedal to the Metal
Need: Farmer Frank, Spooky Bus, Tractor, Bumper Cars, Firemobile, Car Chase, Coaster, Porsche

Platinum Blondes
Need: Bobby-Jean, Wendy, Blossom, Rose, Hannah, Chloe

Cooking Cook
Need: Frankie, Love Bug, Catwich, Butterball, Pepperoni, Beam Burger
For Gift: Taco Loco

Sloto Band
Need: Glam Sam, Thrash, Pip, Mollie, Klaus

Hats Off
Need: Witch Hat, Hot Helmet, Sun Hat
For Gift: Voodoo Hat, Turban

Need: Beer Mug, Bubbly on Ice
For Gift: Blue Lagoon, Bernd

Wild Cards
Need: Wild Eyes, Shiny Loot
For Gift: Lion's Paw, Spell Book, Moonlight

Green Monsters
Need: Zorg
For Gift: Mumford

Golden Lucky
Need: Luck Potion, Church Bells, Future Ball
For Gift: Lucky Seven x3, Lucky Star, 4-of-a-kind x2

Wild Cats
Need: Leopard Lex, Bold Lioness
For Gift: Cougar Clark, Dark Panther x3

Royal Dreams
Need: Queen of Hearts, Edward, Moon Goddess
For Gift: Cleopatra x2, King Neptune x3, Josephine x2


Birds of a Feather - Complete

Hold your Horses - Complete

Made for Walking
Need: Hiking Boots, Red Heels
For Gift: Snpeedy Sneaks

Wild Wild West
Need: Saddle, Sheriff Badge
For Gift: Geronimo

Epic Battles
Need: Slingshot

We Love Lucy
Need: Silly Lucy

Casino Fever - Complete
For Gift: Triple Sevens

Scattered - Complete
For Gift: My Old Banjo

Creppy Critters - Complete
For Gift: Sly Stanley

Need: Pirate's Ring, Treasure Chest
For Gift: Grab Bag

Mystical Fortune - Complete
For Gift: Marie Laveau x2, Wanda x2, Esmeralda, Eye Martini

Fairy Dust - Complete
For Gift: Chestnut Shine, Lily Bloom, Cherry Mist

Mr Nice Guy - Complete
For Gift: Dusty, Bradley x2)

Once upon a time - Complete
For Gift: Beast x2, Scarecrow, Alice, Captain Hook, Grandma, Kit N' Boots

Treasure of Olympus - Complete
For Gift: Golden Touch x2, Vase of Wishes, Artemis, Giannis x2, Golden Lyre, Perseus

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Sent you five cards to try and help

  • VlaKolba
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Ahoj.... potřeboval bych 3 karty Album1 a to -Leopard Lex,Bold Lioness.Cheetah Chase .... mam spoustu na výměnu 


Thanks Brent!!!

Sent 5 more from album 2 try to finish you up tomorrow if you keep this list updated.

  • EllieR
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I have Royal Dreams:Edward on 1st Album.
Could you please change it to King Neptune?

I'm waiting for a good response.

I have everything you need in the first album, except Bobbie-Jean and Wendy.     Just need a little help in the second album.

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