Slotomania Slot Machines Need Help With Cards

Looking for some help with cards if anyone has extra's to help....thanks in advance!

List Below what i have and need!

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What do you want?
Cards I need :
Birds of Feather--- NONE
Hold Your Horses--- NONE
Made For Walking--- Lucky Heels
Wild West ---------Geronimo
We Love Lucy------- Hostess Lucy, Nightlife Lucy
Casino Fever------- Bingo Card, Bars Of Glory, Casino Chips, Rapid Fire
Scattered---------- Flying Saucer, Trophy, Volcano
Creepy Critters---- Bratty Bat, Twinkly Wings, Stinger, Baby Beetle, Sly Stanley
Cha Ching---------- Jewel Purse , Treasure Chest, Wild Gem , Gold Bars
Mystical Fortune--- Marie Laveau, Hot Caldron , Gypsy Gina
Fairy Dust--------- North Bluefly, Cherry Mist, Rain Kiss Frost, Tinkerbell
Nice Guy----------- Roman, Elijah, Bradley, Mr Right, Bruce
Once Upon A Time--- Scarecrow, Tin Man, Alice, Grandma, Captain Hook, Little Red, Big Bad Wolf, Peter Pan
Treasure of Olympus-Vase Of Wishes, Giannis, Golden Lyre, Moon Huntress, Perseus, Dionysus, Medusa, Zeus

Cards To Trade:
Birds of Feather--- Night Owl(1), Ollie(1), Polly Parrot(1), Heidi Hawk(1), Dan Toucan(1), Night Owl(1), Paula Peacock(1)
Hold Your Horses--- Crimson Beauty(1), Spirit(1), Unicorn(1)
Made For Walking--- Hero Boots(1), Royal Slippers(2), Speedy Sneaks(1)
Wild West---------- Saddle(1), Lasso(2),Squanto(1)
Epic Battles------- Cannon Ball(1)
We Love Lucy------- Silly Lucy(1) Witchy Lucy(2)
Casino Fever------- Cherry(1), Roulette Wheel(1)
Scattered----------  Kings Roar(1), Pinky(1)
Creepy Critters---- Vivaldo(1), Violet(1)
Cha Ching---------- Chinese Coins(1) , Emerald Ring(1)
Mystical Fortune--- None at this time
Fairy Dust--------- None at this time
Nice Guy----------- None at this time
Once Upon A Time--- None at this time
Treasure of Olympus- None at this time

Still Lots to trade if i can help anyone, or if you can helpt me :) Thanks!

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