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I need Wolfgang from guardians of green I need baby trinket from lost legacies and I need pearl jag from couragous creatures please help I have tons to trade I might have the one u need
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I have those cards. Send me a friend request on facebook, and i'll send them to you.

Okay will do thank u
Im having trouble with Facebook can u send me a friend request please
Thank you are there any you need
I also need fx creator and carobs of might
I have an extra Carob of Might. Do you have a y of these: 1) Courageous Critters - Thunder Roar2) Wilderness Warriors - The Jag Bros3) Beloved Bugs - Dragon's Flight4) Broken Reptiles - Sand Surfer5) Wild Wonders - Power Puma?
I have a Extra Thunder roar and an extra dragons flight the rest I need as well
I will send you a friend request and we can trade at least one card each for now.
For some reason I cannot find you on FB. Do you want to send me a friend request?
Okay but I dont mind sending both and do u possibly have a extra grandwolf from the despicable wolf album

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