Slotomania Slot Machines Need Some Cards Please. Willing To Give Back As Well.

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Hi guys, I need some of these cards, appreciate if you can help. I will be more than willing to help you out also.

Album H2FLOW - The Sanctuary

Album CRITTERS - O'Grumpy

Album POND LIFE - Koi Founder

Album CHIMES - Ding-a-ling / Morningstar

Album SPECTRA - Gem Keeper / Magic Ruby

Album BIRDSVILLE - Love-batros / Parrot top 


 You can dm me in here or in game or Facebook. Thanks!

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I have 3 different accounts. but i have The Sanctuary and O'Grumpy. Really need Morning Star or Red Roise. plus will give u some extra stars. message me in messager. thanks

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How do I message you on this forum?

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