Slotomania Slot Machines Old And New Cards For Trades

Cards that I have extras of  The list of cards I need is at the bottom
I will up date as I get new or make trades     


Delicious Delight

Cherry on top X1, Cherry Pie x1, Popsicle x1, Sundae x1, Snow cone x1

Work it out

Delivery dan X1, Smantha x1, Jones x1

Go Fish

Angelfish x1

Puppy Love

Duke x1, Yolanda x1, The pointer x1, Pablo x2

Pedal to the metal

Spooky bus x1, Coaster x1, Porsche x2

Platinum Blondes

Trixie x1

Cooking Club

Lucky dog x1, Taco loco x1

Sloto Band

Juanita x1, Pip x2, Klaus x2

Hats off

Fedora x4, Turban x1


Beer mug x1, Red margarita x4, Blue lagoon x2, Cheers x1

Wild Cards

Hot chilli x3, Good & evil x1, Gorilla x2, Moon light x1, Balloons x1, Wild eyes x1, Lions paw x1,

Spell book x1

Green Monsters

Zorg x1, Alligator al x1 , Mumford x1, Freaky Fiona x1, Julio x2

Golden Luck

Goldfish x3, Lucky star x3

Wild Cats

Leopard lex x3, Bold lioness x1, Dark panther x2, Puma Pete x1, Trixie tiger x1, Brave tiger x1

Royal Dreams

King Arthur x1, Queen of hearts x3, Candy king x1, Celestia x2

Album 2


Birds of a Feather

Victor Vulture x1,Benny Blue x2, Polly Parrot x1  Dan Toucan x2, Night owl x1, Paula Peacock x1

Hold your Horses

Dow Runx1, Misty x1, Horse of Muses x2, Italian Stallion x2, Trotting Trio x1, Wooden Horse x1

Made for Walking

Flip flops x1, Hiking boots x2, Lucky heels x2, Speedy sneakers x2

Wild Wild West

Woody x1, Canteen x1, Blaze Buffalo x1, Geronimo x1

Epic Battle

Bow and Arrow x1,  Persian Sward x1,

We Love Lucy

Silly Lucy x1, Chic Lucy x1, Private Lucy x2, Hostess Lucy x1,

Casino Fever

Bingo Card x1, Bars of Glory x3, Triple sevens x1


King’s Roar x1, Pinky x2, Trophy x2, The Revenge x1,

Creepy Critters

Rodrigo x1, Baby Beatle x1

Cha Ching

Pirate’s Ring x2, Topaz Necklace x1, Emerald Ring x1, Grab Bag x2, Posh Watch x1, Treasure chest x1

Mystical Fortune

Esmeralda x1, Brain Drain x1, Merlin x1, Marie Laveau x2, Magic Lamp x2, Wanda x1

Fairy Dust

Daisy Glitter x2, Fen Pinkwand x1, North Bluefly x1 , Meadow Dew x1, Wind Shimmer x3,Chestnut Shine x1, Lily Bloom x2

Mr Nice Guy

Dusty x1 , Odysseus x2,  Roman x2, Randall x2, Bradley x1

Once upon a time

Scarcrow x3, Beast x2, Grandma x1, Captain Hook x1

Treasure of Olympus

Vase of Wishes x1, Artemis x1

Cards I need

Album 1

Ice Cream, Bon Bon, Wynonna, Sal, Furry Fred, Farmer frank , Firemobile, Love ride, Bobby-jean, Wendy, Rose, Jessica, Frankie, Love bug, Butterball, Pepperoni, Glam Sam, Carlos, Thrash, Mollie, Craig, Church bells, 4 of a kind, Josephine

Album 2

Red heals, Cactus Flower, Cherry, Twinkly Wings, Little Red, Moon Huntress, Perseus, Dionysus                                                                    




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Add me and we can trade 

Hi i really need paula peacock to clinch the 90million. Please help

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