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Hello! Could somebody please help me? I need just Moon Huntress, Perseus, and Dionysus and I'll have completed a high paying album. I also have many cards to give in exchange. Please, please, please help me out!

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I have a dionysus. I am looking for gypsy gina.


I don't think Gypsy Gina is tradeable? It's a gold card, and those aren't tradeable exept when Slotomania has something special going on. Is there anything else you'd need, though? I've got a bunch of cards.

I could use misty (horse) and rodrigo (creepy critter).  I also need a sheriff's badge. I understand it is hard to get dionysus.


I have those cards! I'll trade you Misty Horse and Rodrigo for a Dionysus, does that sound good? Add me on Facebook!

I tried to send it but I didn't realize I need two to be able to send.  So sorry 

If I get another I will send it to you.  i am out of coins right now, just waiting.

I don't have the other  two you asked for.  Do you need others besides those three?


Oh, well, if you get Dionysus again, I'd appreciate it if you sent it my way! I'll still send you the other cards. I don't really need any other cards except those three, but thank you for asking!

Okay, thanks.

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Help me please . Onlyone card baby bethle Follow creepy crethers

I have Dionysus, do you have grandma or Little red? I also need moon huntress too

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