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I need Edward card from the first album, I have many to trade from both albums. If anyone can please let me know if you have an extra EDWARD card to trade I would greatly aprreciate it.  

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Friend me have plenty to trade 

Kindly need some card if you can sent me. Album set No.11 Mysical Fortune card no. 3 Brain drain and card no. 7 magic lamp. Please help. Thank you.....

Thank you, Meg and Ersen I don't see Add Friend option on your FB profile. I cannot friend you unless if you don't mind sending me friend request .

Ersen, sorry I don't have an extra card for Brain Drain and Magic Lamp. Is there something else you need that I can perhaps help with?

Can I add u please I need some low level cards to complete some my albums too

Please add me if you have an Edward card and let me know what cards you need in return.

I have a unicorn to trade for grab bag

i have volcano,desert sunset,bratty bat,twinkly wings, Wanda , Lily bloom, Benny blue, Dan toucan, Italian stallion, spirit, flip flops, royal slippers, speedy sneaks, Spurs, Squanto, cactus flower, slingshot, double sword, witchy Lucy, stiletto Lucy, roulette wheel, triple wheel, pinky, desert sunset, volcano, 

will trade for Grab bag,Money Clip, Red Heels, Horse of Muse

Does anyone have Perseus.  I'll trade for it, I have most of any cards.


can I trade???


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