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Hi all,

I require Little Red, Beast, Mr. Right, Moon Huntress, and Zeus. Tradeable other cards. Just ask me what you need, I probably have it.

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Hola yo creo que la tengo yo necesito tinkelvin vos la tenes

English or german please, I don't understand spanish.

I have a beast for you .....  do you have a gypsy gina ?

how do you trade cards ? thanx rob

Damn it, I have a duplicate of every other card in this set, just not Gina :/


@Robert: have to be friends in the game.

Do you need any other cards?

In Treasure of Olympus I have: Medusa x2, Dionysus x2, Perseus, Golden Lyre x2, Giannis x3, Vase of Wishes. Looking for Zeus and Moon Huntress.

In Once Upon a TIme I have: Kit N' Boots x2, Scarecrow x10, Tin Man x4, Alice, Grandma x2, Captain Hook x3, Big Bad Wolf, Peter Pan. Looking for Beast and Little Red.

In Mr. Nice Guy I have: Dusty x3, Channing x5, Odysseus x5, Roman x6, Randall x5, Elijah x2, Sebastian, Bruce x2. Looking for Mr. Right.

Shame I have a Zeus but can't send it as its gold and I need 2 of your gold

Guess we'll have to wait for the trading opportunity. Every now and then they enable trading of certain gold cards.

If you wish, you can add me and we can exchange when the time comes.

HiI have Beast. Can you send me Dionysus?

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