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heey need help with some cards

From royal Dreams: Cleopatra, Celestia, Edward and Josephine.

From golden luck: Clash Clover.

I ve got a lot of sloto cards to trade, let me know what you need.


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I have Cash Clover and need the following:


Brave Tiger (Wild Cats Album)
Edward (Royal Dreams Album)
Josephine (Royal Dreams Album)
Bubbly on Ice (Cheers Album) non-tradable
Zalga (Green Monsters Album) non-tradable
Rich Kitty (Golden Luck Album) non-tradable
Silver Lion (Wild Cats Album) non-tradable
Moon Goddess (Royal Dreams Album) non-tradable
King Midas (Royal Dreams Album) non-tradable

Hi i have 330 double card

Ok i need cashclover i got a few u need...lets do this yea! Wich one's r most pertinent to u completing a book?

I've got cash clover and I'm in need of Duke. Can you help me out, please?

Hi do you have puma pete or josephine lucky star vera celestine or cleopatra? Do you need some cards for reward?

Moonlight,Shinyloot, Golden Wild

Do you have a spare king Midas by any chance ? It is only tradable for 24hrs and he is the last one I need

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