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Im after WILD EYES on my sloto cards can anyone please help me, ive got loads to trade as well as my husband and son and mum

if so please add me 

thank you Julie

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thank you ladee wright for helping me with wild eyes you are a star,,,, below is what my husband Ian has to give ( if needed please add him on facebook)

cherry on top,,,, lemon treat,,,,,cherry pie,,,,hotcakes,,,,,popsicle.....sundae,,,,snow cone,,,,ice cream,,,,bon bon,,,, layer cake,,,,wyonna,,,fireman stan,,,sally,,,niles,,,cassandra,,,delivery dan,,,samantha,,,jones,,,,sal,,,,angelfish,,,cash crab,,,coin shark,,,money fish,,,, stingray,,,,jelly fish,,,,spin urchin,,,sea horse,,,,dolphin,,,,nearly all the dogs,,, farmer frank,,,spooky bus,,,,tractor,,,bumper cars,,,,firemobile,,,love ride,,,car chase,,,coaster,,,porsche,,, bobby jean,,,,wendy,,,blossom,,,,candy,,,rose,,,hannah....rachel,,,,trixie,,,,frankie,,,love bug,,,catwich,,,butterball,,,todays catch,,,pepperoni,,,lucky dog,,,glam slam,,,carlos,,,tiago,,,thrash,,,juanita,,,pip,,,klaus,,,,with hat,,,sombrero,,,fez,,,hot helmet,,,bernd,,,lemon punch,,,beer mug,,,tequila,,,blue lagoon,,,hot chilli,,,good & evil,,, gorilla,,,lions paw,,,spell book,,,zorg,,,aligator al...luck potion,,,gold fish,,,leopard lex,,,bold lioness,,,king arthur,,,queen of hearts...

and all i NEED is

Voodoo hat,,,,balloons,,,,mumford,,,,4 of a kind,,,,cash clover,,,,cheetah chase,,,trixie tiger,,,brave tiger,,, cleopatra,,,candy king,,,celestia,,,edward,,,josephine..

if anyone can help either add julie above as a friend where you will find me ian Shepherd,,, or add me direct


thanks Everyone



How do I add and trade cards with you please ? I've got most of what ur after. And I need a few cards you may have. Thanks

Hi Julie


Do you have any extra cards Like Ed and Jo


i need zalga i have some double in other card plz help me 


Sorry dont have how do we become friends on slotmania
Benny blue
Nyght owl

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