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I really need the glass shoe card from the food life album and the fearsome franky card from the spooky stars album.. Will trade whatever cards you need if i have them.. i have tons of duplicates


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Glass shoeis agoldencard, soit's can'tbe traded.I haveextrafearsomefranky,but I needa fivestar cardwhichcalled"KeereShan" tofinish mySafariSet. Addme if youneed myhelp.
I have fearsum cranky and glass shou but it's gold card and won't let ya trade it.I only need dark light bonus

I have fearsome franky


I need: 

Queen Cat from Feline Fun Album

Wolfman Willie from Spooky Stars Album

Glass Shoe and Bling Bling from The Good Life album

King Leo from Wild Safari album

Online Lovers, Nectar of the Gods, Josephine & Joe, Lucy & Max from Better Toghetter  album

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