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Hey everyone, I'm looking to trade a few slotocards from the latest album, album 3. I have many duplicates of cards in album three and would be happy to trade them to someone willing to trade for the following cards, (Wild Safari- Keere shan & Rocko.) If someone is willing to help me out I will screen shot album 3 so you may see my album and each set as I do and decide which slotocards you would like and for each slotocard Im seeking, in return I'll trade someone two cards per slotocard you give to me, so for both cards I'll give you 4 cards in return, if you only have one of the cards I need I'll give you 2 slotocards in return. Please someone get back to me ASAP. Please someone help me out, I will be super great full. Thank you!!
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Shot in the dark, but I am looking for Dawn Run from 2nd Album (Hold Your Horses).  I am willing to give cards from album 3.

Michaela I don't have an extra of any cards you need but can you help me with some of the cards I need. Tea Time- Cup of Luck, California Cake. Barnyard Blitz- Wendy Wool. Bear Necessities- Himalaya Hunter. Feline Fun- The Stringer, Mr. Meowgi. Wing Masters- Golden Dust. Bonus Time-  Dark Light Bonus. 

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