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If anyone has Mr Right or Peter Pan to exchange, I have pretty much extras of everything else to swap (except Perseus and Dionysus, need those too!) ( Currently don't have extra of Medusa, Big Bad Wolf, Bruce, Tinkerbell, Gypsy Gina. I have everthing else in multiples) Thanks!!!

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i could use some cards in slotomania wooden horse, hostess lucy, triple sevens, chinese coins, chestnut shine, cherry mist, dusty, elijah, sebastian, tin man, captian hook, little red, golden touch giannis golden lyer, moon huntress, perseus, dionysus. if you could hemp me out that would be great!


Hi there, I have

Grandma, Big Bad Wolf, Perseus, Dionysus x 2, Bruce, Sebastian

Elijah, Tinkerbell, Rain Kissfrost x 2 

If you want any of them you are more than welcome.  I haven't traded before so if you can let me know it's fine.

I need Mr. Right only and figure if someone else can complete sets, why not trade what they need for some 1 or 2 stars.  Trade what you feel you can give up without compromising another trade. 

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