Slotomania Slot Machines Small Addition To Your Chrome Extension

First up, thanks heaps for taking out alot of the pain in getting free coins....much apprectiated.

The one thing I found annoying was waiting for the pages to load and then closing them...yep Im that lazy ;P
So I wrote an addition to your extension that will close the tab once the bonus has been collected.
At the bottom of the popup is a new option to enable/disable this feature.
It will instantly close the tab once it sees it was collected.  Be aware that that includes free spins and you will loose them if its active.  Money will be added just fine.
Theres a chance this also works for all playtika stuff, didnt bother checking.
Also while Im here your popup is broken, the AutoShare bit doesnt reflect the true setting.
Anywayz, use it or dont, thanks for everything...

As allways the first post had an error ;P
All fixed now.
Plus I fixed the popups Share bit and reomved jq from the popup and background (coz I cant help myself;)

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm not aware that the disabled option no longer works maybe it fails since the google chrome updates.

I don't want to require everyone to install in order to use the collector. That's why i'm trying to avoid to control the new tabs using the extension but maybe that's the only way because native javascript is too limited.

For example I want to check if the new tab is completely loaded then auto close it.

I will update the extension as soon as I can. 

um the bit that wasnt working was the Auto Share Bonus, it just didnt change according to the selected option.

For example I want to check if the new tab is completely loaded then auto close it.

Thats what my extension does.  It listens to the network for a certain url and when it sees it closes the tab it originated from, so you know it was processed.  The url it listens for is an xml file that contains the result of the bouns collection, whether it succeds or not.  What I wouldnt mind is the auto opening of the pages to work better.  Right now your just opening ALL of them.  Well I guess you are as Ive never let it finish its thing, it would likely crash my chrome, it cant handle that many open tabs.  The tabs wont load unless its in focus and everytime you open another tab it gains focus and stops the previous tab.  It all adds up to, bleh.  Opening one at a time would be ideal.  Was thinking of adding something to do that at some point.
Look forward to seeing what you do and if I do end up adding more Ill show you.

New version, now has the ability to open all the gift bonus's on your page in one tab.
Seems to work fine, only tried it a couple of times.
It only does the cash bonus gifts at the mo, might look at the others later.
Hope it helps you implement it, or just use what I did.
Would be cool if the popup had a badge saying how many are left to collect.
Right now you the way to know its finished is when it doesnt go to the next one and the bonus collection stays on the screen.
Have fun!

Oh and to use it just go to the bounus page and if it sees links the popup will have another button at the bottom to activate it.
I noticed I broke the share links bit, so I fixed it.
All the minification made things confusing ;)
Please consider putting this on github or something unminified.
Understand if ya worried about the competition, but if I can work with it so can others.


Because a mate asked for it (dont like the game myself, only like slotmania) Ive added auto collect for House of Fun.
Only closes on success so ya might have to start it again if theres a problem collecting.  Might look for a better url to sniff for later.

To : xcatguru Thank you for all your posts. I have tried the extension but something in my firewalls or antivirus do not like chrome extensions. Wish we could friend you on facebook.

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