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We love to create new Slotomania - Slot Machines forum categories for you to post. Any Idea?

laugh Post your suggestions here.

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i Would like to see a forum on which games on sltomania pay off easier that day or werk. game sttegies or understanding the pyouts and bonus games.

some games pay off great one day not so great the next.  Some games say you bet 100k you never seem to get aspin that wins more than 20k other games seem to be easier  to win  times your bet


SOME OF THE GAMES MUST PAY MORE THAN OTHERS OR MORE WILD SPOTS. I admit i can look at payouts and i clearly cant comprehend alot of it 

hoing someone canbreak some things down.




I was hacked and lost my slotmania game. I was on level 700 plus and reduced to level 1. Years of playing and monies spent, quite unnerving. Please try and retrieve my original slotmania . Thankyou

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Well, first off... after coming to the forum and being inundated with posts regarding trading cards, I'd say a trading forum is in order. 

Next, Playtika. It be nice to share advice on how to advance status faster. 


Hello and what about the cards from the first album

Absolutely need a sloto card trade forum catagory.

How do we go about getting sloto cards now?

PLS help me i need


Bow and arrow

 Desert Sunset

Victor Vulture

Hawky Hal

Polly Parrot



Italian Stallion


Keepnup good work

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