Slotomania Slot Machines Them Bloody Cards, Cards, Cards!

still a newbie to the game and determind to finish a book! but just cant do it without help so please if you can help out it will be appreciated!

rodrigo * grab bag * gold bars * fen pinkwand * tinkerbell * mr right * captain hook * little red *big bad wolf * peter pan * artemis * moon huntress * perseus * dionysus * medusa * zeus.

i also have a few cards that am happy to pass over.

**i have all spears EXCEPT for**

spirit * flip flops * speady sneaks * red heels * lasso * squanto * double sword * stiletto lucy * hostess lucy* money clip * casino chips * kings roar * trophey * the revenge * fang wang * baby beetle *treasure chest * wild gem * merlin * hot cauldron * gypsy gina * meadow dew * cherry mist * channing * elijah * sebastian * bruce * alice * grandma * and all off treasure of olypus.

am still playing so when i do get more will gladly pay them forward! CHEERS.

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hi i need  gypsy gina, Tinkerbell, Mr. Right, Bruce, Alice, grandma, Little red, big bad wolf, Peter pan, Golden touch, Giannis, golden lyre, moon huntress, Dionysus and medusa can you hrlp i may have some of what you need would have to double check

sorry it looks like we need the same cards also. will let you know when i do get them. cheers


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