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Plant sweetness if anyone can help please add me on Facebook
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i have Gamer Ray to trade for Firecracker.........add me on facebook 

Hi, i have Gamer Ray, need Balthazar boo and Ghoulish Grip

I need Battle of nyphoria and The Cheetah, and I have gamer ray,maybe others you need. Please add me


What others you need
Hey what cards do you need?

bonjour Camila charming+thé illusionniste merci!!!


I have the gamer ray.. I have completed the autumn album I need a few for each of the others. . do u have karate crate or sophie castastrophie? From the summer albumn? Add me.

I have almost ever card from autumn album to trade I've completed this album I just need a few from summer message me if you want to trade or need help

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Anyone got spares for spring and winter? I've got heaps of summer and autumn

hi.Who can help me with the following cards


Australian all stars - Herbivore herbert

Texas tycoons - Richard richingson & Mike moneymaker


Nightcrawlers -Big boy

Grim and gruesome -The slicer & The immortal.

Currly creepers - Blue eye benton

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