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I am looking for the following cards

Wynnona, Sal, Jelly Fish, Cassie, Hyppi Harry, trixie, Jessica


I have the following to trade for (and also got lots more)

Niles, Delivery Dan, Samantha, Jones,  Cash Crab, Coin SHark, Money Fish Stingray, Spin Uchin,Dolphin, Yellow Tang

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I can help send friend request

I just did :)

Is your slotomania facebook connected you don't show up in playing friends

weird same for you, i don't see you connected. I have send you 1 message...

I have trixie and jessica will try to send later today.

Any more that you need?

Thank you so much!

I am missing the following as well


Porsche, Frankie, Taco Loco, Glam Sam, Mollie, Turban, Moonlight, Ballons, Spell Book, Zorg, Vera,Zork, Freaky Fiona, Julio, Futurball, 4-of0a-kind.

Let me know which cards you need

I only need Josephine and some gold 

Josephine looks to be a rare card, unfortunately i dont have it :(

Do you happen to have spare cards for those as well?

Limo, Wizard Hat, Top Hat, Boss' Brandy, Dark Panther, Cheetah Chase, Cougar Clark, Artic Tiger and Silver Lion.

Again thank you so much!

Hi I have Josephine :) Do you have Edward ?

I do friend me

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