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Post here to trade duplicates from album 3 with other players.

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Im in level 1132. I have some duplicates in album 3 and i need some cards as well. PM me on FB if you want to trade. Mabye we got some different duplicates :D

what card you have i have most duplicate card

I'm 8/10 for the Barnyard Blitz set.  I need a: Chicken Charlie and Harry Horseshoe (1 and 2 star cards).

Just need the briefcase (1 star) and bag of diamonds (3 star)  to complete rich forever.   I have a few to trade including 3 & 4 star cards from album 3.  Can anyone help?   I also have a few from album 2 and tons from album 1.



I only need the briefcase in rich forever as well. And in the holy kogers i only need the Alexandra

I have those cards MitchSchmidt. But unfortunately no duplicates.. me myself need the golden hay, wendy wool and freddy farmer. Is there anything else you need in album 3? Mabye i can help

I have Golden Hay and Freddy Farmer. Will send them. Already sent a friend request.

I'm 8/10 on several so here's the ones I'm missing on those. Have lot's of other dupes so just ask.

Wisdom Bloom & Besties Bouquet

The Kettle & California Cake

Bottle Popping & Sunset Romance

Sammy Piggy & Sheriff Piggy

Loveshroom & Kirkiran

Kjafre's Cat & Coin of Nefertari

I need the skulls and one eyed joe!!!!!
Hi. I have both of the 2 cards that you need. I needI love piggy: sheriff piggyBarnyard blitz: Wendy woolMushroom village: kirkiranJolly Roger: one eyed Joe. Can you help me with any of those?

This is the cards i need:
If you have any of these cards please send me a message! I almost have duplicates of every other cards

Flower power: Besties bouquet

Tea time: Pink party

Galactic Glory: Area 58

I love piggy: Sheriff piggy

Barnyard: Wendy wool

House Pharaoh: Khafre’s cat

Feline fun: The stringer, Human bowl

Bear necessities: Himalaya hunter

Wing masters: Litheon, Golden gust, Dragon egg

Bonus time: NYC Bonus, Diamond bonus

The good life: Diamond ring, Foofi, Glass shoe, Bling bling

Oriental Magic: jin shizi

Better together: Lucy & max

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