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Slotomania has started album 3 today. The majority of members have not completed albims 1 or 2. There should be a day when you can  trdae gold cards(set a maximum) so that we can complete these other albums.

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I totally agree, alot of us are stuck with alot of rubbish spare gold cards, that we cant do a thing with, as not even the wheel is an option for album one. there are snares set at every avenue of escaping these junk cards, which are probably invaluable to other players, as, like myself, alot of us are needing only one or two gold cards from album one and have completed album two. unfortunately however, this could be the wrong forum for this discussion, as apparently Gamehunters is frowned upon by the Devs, which was made clear to me when threatened with deletion of my Slotomania account. i only use it now in desperation and despair, and run the gauntlet hoping they dont mean it for real... :-D


Do you have foofi and KEERE shan

Please somebody send me Golden Gust,Foofi,Dark Light Bonus,HardHitter and Fortune Frog.....please.. i need this to still play. I don't have enough coins.Add me


Hi you have Golden Gust ?

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