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Flower power - all of them

tea time - all of them except - pink party

Fun in the sun - all of them

Galactic glory - all of them except - x-564

V for victory - all of them except - checkmate

I love piggy - all of them except - sheriff piggy

Barnyard blitz - all of them except - peggy piglet

Mushroom village - all of them except - razbakin

House of pharaon - all of them except - khafre's cat

Jolly Roger - all of them except - Jolly Roger, one eyed Joe

Rich forever - all of them except - bars of gold , treasure chest

Feline fun - all of them except - the stinger, Mr. meowgi

Bear necessities - all of them

Spooky stars = all of them

wing master - all of them except - golden gust

Bonus time - all of them except - star bonus, dark light bonus

Good life - all of them except - fragnence of love,foofi

Wild safari - all of them except - Hardhitter, keere shan

oriental magic - all of them - fortune frog, tin mau

Better together - all of them except - online lovers,beyond appearance


and I really NEED

Foofi or Hardhitter




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Hey hey c you got some cards for trade what would you like in return besides the two you mentioned I have neither sry but if I get I'll keep you n mind man shot fb request if you'd care to share

I need:

Barnyard Blitz: Wendy Wool

Bear Necessities: Polar Bear & Panda-monium 

*I don't have either of the ones you need but I can send you cards worth the same # of *'s if you'do be so kind as to send me the ones I need to complete those sets. 

hi Charle

I sent u wendy and polar

I cant sent u panda monium because its a ace card and it cant be traded

hi Jonstin

What cards do u need?

golden gust do you have ???

hey man I need wendy wool 

 I have neither of your cards now sorry but if I get I'll keep you in mind, send fb request if you'd care to share

I have an extra Wendy wool. Will send if still needed.

CathyRich I need it, if you want any card, let me know if I can help you.

Sorry i already sent wendy wool to Charle and i had only one

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