Slotomania Slot Machines Will Give Any Cards From Album 1

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 ill give you any cards you want if you could please help me out with some stars so i could spin the wheel im in desperate need please help

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I am sorry but I have nothing other than gold cards and can't trade them.  I really could use Ladon if it is still tradeable though


  • AlvinYeo
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I can send u 4 and 5 stars card. Do u have one star from 2nd album 1st set, regal Eagle, 2nd set Trottling trio, 4nd set, squanto and geronimo, 8th set, kings roar and desert sunset. 



I need Julio, Cougar Clark, Edward, Josephine in album 1 and Little Red in album 2 .

I have heaps extra cards in album 1.

Please add me.

  • MELZ1406
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I have plenty spare cards album 3 if you could help me out album 1 :)

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