Slotomania Slot Machines Winter Cars Trade/Need


masters of mythology:

  • pharaoh's portrait

holywood dreams:

  • mac the mic
  • big bullhorn

red hot vixens:

  • crystal-ball bella

golden touch:

  • the eagle




tick tock:

  • blue hourglass
  • the pocket pearl
  • wish watch
  • the watcher
  • grandfathers gold

Under the sea:

  • fuschian¬†fossil
  • the primal pearl
  • sammy starfish
  • yellow fishmarine
  • turtle tom

Crazy castles:

  • The haunted hall
  • first mans fort
  • Vampire's villa
  • Wall of wealth
  • Slotoking's keep
  • Chateau de charm
  • monster mansion
  • palace of asgard

The round table:

  • Shield of luck
  • Armor di amore
  • Sir slotsmith
  • Prince harming
  • The slotoguard
  • the deflector
  • John manslot III

Daring discoverers:

  • Balboa's Binoculars
  • pizzaros pointer
  • William's wheel
  • de gama's globe
  • martin's map
  • niktin
  • cheng ho
  • ferdinand magellan

The cuties:

  • snowy
  • mr. cuddlesmith
  • lunchy
  • shrimp
  • mary meow
  • prince saul
  • pet me petty

cirque du sloto:

  • the dizzypony
  • spella
  • the wrapper
  • maharaji
  • tolula the teller

masters of mythology:

  • venus vase
  • cup of courage
  • achilles arrow
  • athenas army
  • glow of acropolis
  • crown of chronos

sweet devils:

  • the mean machine
  • pitchy
  • dana davilash
  • prilova pragatoria
  • heidi hell
  • irena infernovo

the spinstones:

  • bobby's bone
  • rock hammer
  • 22'' rockrims
  • family stone
  • the three stones
  • b&c bonfire

hollywood dreams:

  • comedy & tragedy
  • the big chair
  • directors cut

peace & love:

  • big love 4 ever
  • love coin
  • funky monkey
  • optimisim glasses
  • cindy moo

red hot vixens:

  • diana flamings
  • rural ruthy
  • texas tammy
  • lady leprechaun
  • martian mary
  • vixenia vampirus
  • vicious vera

golden touch:

  • golden lotus
  • the snake
  • golden phoenix
  • the amphibian

lucys merry men:

  • brad spinsson
  • survivor sam
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i need spinwagon i got most card you need

  • ZueZue
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Let's trade

List updated.

What can you give me ZueZue?

Hi!!can you give me sweetdevils: pitchy and irena infernovo???please...i have pharaoh's portret!!!
I need fuschian fossil ,Mr cuddlesmith, pet me patty, the dizzy pony, spella, lovers lap, shield of luck, Charles slotsteel, firstmans fort, fairy tail fort, vampires Villa, gold hourglass, the pocket pearl, the watcher, funky monkey, Cindy Moo if u can please help with any of those it would be super cool an never forgotten I have 12 extra cards that u don't have posted but I get at least 70 cards a day I use 50 a day for the wheel but I'll save them so u can have your pick I also have a ton from previous albums at least 5 Complete sets if u could use em please help me out
If you have an extra bullhorn I have a lot of cards that you need

do you still need First mans fort? You can have my extra. let me know

Will trade Mac for Mic for Wish Watch and The Watcher
I have wish watch and the watcher I can have. I don't need mac the Mic so keep urs. I do need Dragon dog, the eagle, Bella and Mr magic tho

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