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Did you know... that you can collect free coins on mobile without using the Slotomania App? If you are having trouble collecting free coins on Slotomania Bonus page you can use this method. 

This trick can be use in any device that support iOS, Android and Windows Phone OS.

Alternative Mobile Web Browser

Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

Slotomania on the Web is a flash game. You need something on mobile that supports it, luckily there is a mobile web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player natively and that's Puffin Mobile Browser.

Depending on the device you have simply search "Puffin Browser" on App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store and install it.

When you use the app it will function like you are using a web browser on a computer, all Slotomania bonus links will open on Facebook not the Slotomania App that you have.

Using the Slotomania Bonus Page

Now that you have "Puffin Mobile Browser" in your device. Go to Slotomania Bonus page then tap "Menu & Options" and select "Login with Facebook".  

Make sure to Login the Facebook Account that you are using in your Slotomania mobile App. To start collecting bonuses tap the gift boxes, all bonus links will open Slotomania on Facebook instead the App. Here's the screenshot on my iphone that I'm able to collect free coins on mobile using Puffin:

Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

As you have already know the bonus page will provide you daily free coins and it helps you not to collect duplicate bonuses. The bonus gifts are not only from the official fan page but from all active players who share coins using the ShareLinks Plugin.

Keep Collecting Free Coins

Slotomania Free Coins on Mobile

The Puffin App will function like a laptop web browser it has features like virtual TrackPad, GamePad and you can also switch tabs back and forth from the Bonus Page to Slotomania on Facebook.

Tip: You can enable full screen while playing. It will almost feel like you are using the native App.

Make sure to close the opened tabs after you have collected the bonuses to avoid slowing down your device and browsing experience.

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Love playing
Yes. DaCoins is an excellant app.

its so complicated i use "daCoins" its a awesome application is available on playstore  

Really good


The best


The best


 Hi guys I'm needing. To get coins to help me finish my golden summer album I need  the skyline heights (greatbeyond album) to finish, Donna Devine (drop dead album) ace) to finish, the golden paw (Nightcrawlers) to finish, pick axe of power, scales of justice and lucky lantern, happy horseshoe, fortune Flanders (fortune finder album) to finish, the exploration, the sea garden and th heroic hammer (museum madness) to finish. The slicer, the immortal (grimandgruesome) to finish. Blue eye Benton, son bunny, Sophie catastrophe (cuddlycreepers) to finish. Keyboard Kevin, party starter, surprize gift and party cake (party time) to finish. If anyone can help me get the cards for the name of cards  (albumname/summer) to help me complete please help. I will also post a comment on what cards I have doubled up to offer in your inbox if you can help with any of listed card please personal message me the names and I'll send u my list of spares. :) or even hunt down cards off my fellow friends and followers for you . Xxx 

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