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Free coins . I used to change the  hour back and forth to get more credits but seems that that hack has been fixed on their end with latest updates.. Now I've moved to change the day and year even over and over to get the monthly morsels daily bonuses. July 2018 has some good stuff four scratchers in July n June.. 

If u have any easy cheats or hacks for chips gifts or scratchers lmk!

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Not sure if it will work on laptop or iPad etc. Unless u can turn off the data connections ... For phones etc turn off the data before opening the game. Go into device settings where time and dates can be changed - I go back to Jan 2018 right now to start. Open game and open cheapest spin machine; betting lowest amount of coins possible to spin- spin once get the daily cash; change internal date (jan1 to jan2) and do it again.. and again. And again... July offers 3 scratchers on the 14th day FYI!!! And 4 for the entire month 1 on day 28 :)
How do you go back by date, I used to change the time too but yes I guess that they fixed that. Not sure how you are getting stuff by changing dates and would sure like to know, I need all the help I can get. Thank you.

Thank you for letting us know! Do you know if it will work on the laptop, pc, how about my iPad? Add me if you like please cuz it seems my old friends have stopped playing

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