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Monthly Users: 10,000,000

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Daily Users: 1,000,000

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Daily Users Rank: 34

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Fan Page Talking About Count: 41,177

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Game Types: Casino Cards

Company: Zynga Inc.

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Game Status: Active

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Be a Poker Legend at the world's largest Poker table! Zynga Poker is the #1 poker game in the world. Play with friends and see who has the best poker face or come and meet some new buddies! Play on MOBILE: iOS --> http://zynga.tm/iOSPoker Android --> http://zynga.tm/AndroidPoker Kindle --> http://zynga.my/KindlePoker

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Zynga is connecting the world through games. We’re the #1 provider of gaming experiences on social networks, connecting you to your friends through word games, casino games, role-playing games, and more!