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Add players

I clicked on 10 names on the add me page everyone told me the page was unavailable!!! How do you add people is there a way to do this other than trying to see

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Welcome The Tribez Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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The Hermit

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The Tribez

Cats and dogs are completely opposite, yet both very lovable pets Which do you like more?

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The Tribez

Today, our post is about the most important thing in life— friendship The tribezmen cherish loyalty among friends and know that it’s important to stick together if you want to go far. Tip: to make your game more engaging and exciting, add as many friends as you can. You’ll be able to share resources and send gifts to each other. Just write “Add me” below, name the platform you’re playing on, and soon you’ll have a bunch of new neighbors in the game!... BTW, what does friendship mean to you? Can you name three characteristics of a true friend? We’re waiting for your comments!

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The Tribez

Thanks for your help Chiefs! Have a super-duper weekend!

Likes: 265 Shares: 0 Posted:

The Tribez

Thanks for your help Chiefs! You've found all the tribezmen, and they're ready to give you some gifts. Have a super-duper weekend! ☀ Have a great weekend!

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The Tribez

Chief! The tribezmen decided to play a little game and hid in plain sight. Not the best time for hide and seek – there’s a ton of work to do in the village ‍‍ Find all the tribezmen, and you’ll get a very nice reward!

Likes: 642 Shares: 0 Posted:

The Tribez

Well done, Chiefs! You’ve found all 6 fish. Here’s a bonus to celebrate Halloween ☀ Have a great weekend!

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The Tribez

Chiefs! Do you want a have a household tribezman of your own? Then take part in the Halloween contest! Download or print out our Halloween banner; Decorate it any way you like; Post your result in the comments to this post before November 18.... The authors of the 3 most creative submissions will receive a tribezman figurine of their choice, as well as 100 Gems in the game. We’ll announce the winners on November 19. Good luck and happy Halloween!

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The Tribez

Halloween is a great holiday even if you’re in the Stone Age! The characters of our games decided to create a riddle for you: can you guess the word that is associated with the spookiest day of the year? We’ve got almost all the letters in the picture, but one was eaten by Dino. Let’s hope you can still find the right answer. Leave a pumpkin emoji in the comments if you solved the riddle!... Want the right answer right away? Check out our page Game Insight

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The Tribez

Happy Halloween! To make the spooky holiday even more thrilling, we are giving all Chiefs these handy bonuses iOS, Android, Amazon: Facebook: Celebrate Halloween with The Tribez!

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The Tribez

Chiefs, we need your help The bathyscaphe plunged into the waters of the sea; we must find and count all the fish for the sake of biology's development, nature's conservation, and simply out of curiosity. We're sure you've got this! How many fish did you find? Write your answers in the comments!

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The Tribez

Is it already getting colder where you live, Chiefs? If so, how are you keeping warm this October?

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The Tribez

Chiefs, the long-awaited Friday is here! ☀ Let us celebrate this occasion with a traditional gift. Have a great weekend!

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The Tribez

All Good Spirits' week arrives on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows! Once you've reached level 15, a chain of quests becomes available to you. Fight off the greedy Pumpkinheads and overcome their leader, the Pumpkin General. The final prize at stake is the mysterious Spooky Field. Follow the link below to find a handy Guide to the event!

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The Tribez

Add new friends and you'll be able to tackle any challenge! You just need to comment with the platform you use to play the game, and ask other Chiefs to add you! Friends playing on the same platform with you will become your neighbours automatically!

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The Tribez

Would you look at those pumpkins! Their time will come soon! For now, share your favourite pumpkin recipes, Chiefs!

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The Tribez

Friday is here, Chiefs! And so is this week's Friday bonus! Enjoy it and share your plans for the weekend in the comments below!

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The Tribez

The exquisite Sakura has appeared on the Island of the Ancients just recently, but news of its majestic beauty has spread fast across the lands. Some say that watching it quiets one’s mind and lifts one’s spirits. They also say that the branches of the blossoming Sakura hold magic and many mysteries… What will you find behind its leaves and flowers? Write your guesses in the comments!

Likes: 980 Shares: 0 Posted:

The Tribez

Stay awesome, Chiefs!

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The Tribez

It's Friday, Chiefs. And you all know what that means! Bonuses for all and a happy weekend!

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The Tribez

Greetings, Chiefs! We remind you of several ways to obtain free Gems!... You are guaranteed gems for: • certain achievements; • every new level obtained; • linking your game profile with Facebook; • completing specific quests; • taking part in events; • processing gem shards in the Sky Circle; • from the Wonder Tree. You also have a chance to get gems: • by opening safes; • by finding them in the Pterodactyl, Dino or Mermaid treasures; • by ordering deals from the Wonder Animals: the Walrus, Mathilda, Wonder Whale, Ancient Mammoth, and the Moon Dino; • by taking care of your pets: the Beaver Pup, Tiger Cup, Mammoth Calf; • in the Spirit Wheel; • in the Tapi's Nest and by exchanging Golden Eggshells.

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The Tribez

You have done great, Chiefs! ☀ Your grateful tribezmen have a well-earned gift for you. They hope you will find it useful!

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The Tribez

Chiefs, it's World Smile Day! We hope you had a lot of reasons to smile this week. Share what makes you smile in the comments below!

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The Tribez

Here comes Friday, Chiefs! A wonderful occasion for a helpful bonus. How are you going to use it this time? Let us know in the comments below!

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Tribez is an adventure, where you travel to a distant past full of secrets, mysteries and many hours of addictive discovery!

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