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Add players

I clicked on 10 names on the add me page everyone told me the page was unavailable!!! How do you add people is there a way to do this other than trying to see

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Welcome The Tribez Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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The Hermit

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The Tribez

Chiefs, it’s time for Spring Festivities! Claim your bonuses and head over to the game to celebrate! Android, iOS, Amazon Facebook As soon as we decided to have some fun, a bunch of nasty leprechauns came to stop us. Let’s save the holiday! Catch leprechauns, assemble a luxurious collection and spend gold bars on unique buildings and decorations. Complete all the quests, and the amazing Jolly Orchestra will play just for you!

Likes: 849 Shares: 299 Posted:

The Tribez

How well do you know your village, Chiefs? Tell us in the comments what building is hidden in this picture! 🏘

Likes: 388 Shares: 10 Posted:

The Tribez

Join to a Tribe Clans ️ Just write the name of the Clan and ask fellow Chiefs to join to your Tribe Clan! To join a Tribe Clan, you need to open the Tribe Clan menu and go to the Search tab. You can search by tags and name. Otherwise, you can join a random Clan by opening the Tribe Clan window.... There are closed and open Tribe Clans. Open Tribe Clans accept all players of an appropriate level. To join a closed Tribe Clan, you first need to send a request that a Clan Leader or Elder must approve.

Likes: 415 Shares: 28 Posted:

The Tribez

We all are like a big family, and since now you can create clans, treating each other became even more rewarding. To celebrate this special day we are giving you a big bonus. ➡ We hope you'll find it useful for your own and your clan's activities. Welcome to the clan, Chiefs!

Likes: 846 Shares: 110 Posted:

The Tribez

Clan fun! ‍‍ Time to unite your tribez! Now you can create your own tribe union together with your friends or join an already existing one. Meet other Chiefs, visit their islands and get ready for great changes together! Communicate with other Chiefs in the chat: here you’ll find help, useful hints & tips and certainly new friends! Your islands will shine in new splendor. Appreciate your island new look right now! ... ️ Unions are just a start! Soon your tribez will be able to show their unity and teamwork skills at the first tribe competitions. Follow the news!

Likes: 522 Shares: 3,811 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, make new friends to make the most of the game! Together you can make any quest easier! Just write the name of the platform you use to play Tribez in the comments below, and ask fellow Chiefs to add you!

Likes: 381 Shares: 35 Posted:

The Tribez

Good job, Chiefs! It was a productive week so it's time to take a break and unwind. Take these bonuses as a sign of gratitude from the natives. ➡

Likes: 546 Shares: 73 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs! The natives found a message from a mysterious stranger. The texts, scribbled on a parchment, said: “Greetings, Chief! The spirits of the celestial star favor you!”. The message, however, was unsigned. Will you help the natives find out who the sender was? Write in the comments, what character you think could write this!

Likes: 611 Shares: 31 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, which pet do you like best?

Likes: 509 Shares: 21 Posted:

The Tribez

How was your week, Chiefs? We hope you're feeling great and are ready for the weekend ahead! ➡ To make sure you're all set, the tribezmen prepared some Friday bonuses!

Likes: 457 Shares: 44 Posted:

The Tribez

Today, our post is about the most important thing in life— friendship The tribezmen cherish loyalty among friends and know that it’s important to stick together if you want to go far. Tip: to make your game more engaging and exciting, add as many friends as you can. ... You’ll be able to share resources and send gifts to each other. Just write “Add me” below, name the platform you’re playing on, and soon you’ll have a bunch of new neighbors in the game! BTW, what does friendship mean to you? Can you name three characteristics of a true friend? We’re waiting for your comments!

Likes: 459 Shares: 46 Posted:

The Tribez

Thank you, Chiefs! You succeeded and found all the tribezmen even though it wasn’t easy Now they’re all ready for a day of work! Please accept these gifts for your efforts! ➡

Likes: 470 Shares: 42 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, it's time for your favorite activity — you have to pick your Friday bonus! Decide what you want the most, Rainbow Shaving or Coral , and tell us in comments. We'll announce the results on Friday!

Likes: 1 Shares: 29 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, we hope you had a great Valentine's Day. Time to celebrate the coming weekend with Friday bonuses! ➡

Likes: 520 Shares: 51 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, happy Valentine’s Day! May your houses always be filled with love and care. We would like to thank all our players for their loyalty and warmth. There are enough holiday bonuses for all Chiefs! ➡ Let’s celebrate!

Likes: 844 Shares: 7,823 Posted:

The Tribez

Chief, the tribezmen want to play Hide & Seek! If you find them all, they'll share some gifts with you. How many can you spot in the picture?

Likes: 594 Shares: 10 Posted:

The Tribez

FINDING FRIENDS! Chief, it seems the Professor has built a device that can easily locate other tribez! ‍We are going to make contact with your fellow Chiefs very soon! What is this device the Professor has been working on? Share your ideas in the comments!

Likes: 12 Shares: 331 Posted:

The Tribez

The tribezmen worked all week to prepare these gifts for you! ➡ Launch the game now!

Likes: 734 Shares: 71 Posted:

The Tribez

What does The Tribez mean to you? Continue the phrase “The Tribez is…” in the comments. The authors of the wittiest, funny and overall interesting answers will receive a Love Elixir, some food and gems for the Romantic Celebration! We’ll announce the results on February 14. ... Let’s start. The Tribez is…

Likes: 21 Shares: 51 Posted:

The Tribez

Top-5 activities for kids according to Papa-Tribezman Sandwich coloring To make rainbow toast, you’ll need bread, condensed milk, and food dyes. Dissolve several drops of food dye in condensed milk, and paint the bread with clean brushes. Cookie board games... Get chocolate and vanilla cookies. Use tape or a marker to make a grid on a table or any other square surface. Play Reversi with cookies! You can play checkers, and eat the pieces when you’re done. Sumo fighting Stuff oversized t-shirts with pillows. The bigger the fighter, the safer the fight. DIY stickers Drawing is twice the fun when you’re making stickers. Just give your kids adhesive letter paper instead of regular paper. Banana ice cream Cut peeled bananas into little pieces and put them in the freezer. Take the frozen bananas out in a few hours and blend until smooth. You can serve it right away or put into cones and freeze once again for later use.

Likes: 12 Shares: 28 Posted:

The Tribez

The Lunar Festival is in full swing with its fireworks and vivid colors! ➡ What’s that? Did the tribezmen find something in the fireworks? Oh boy, it’s some neat bonuses! ... Get your hands on them, Chiefs, and continue to party!

Likes: 426 Shares: 36 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, it's time for your favorite activity — you have to pick your Friday bonus! Decide what you want the most, Moon Graphite or Crystalline Glass , and tell us in comments. We'll announce the results on Friday!

Likes: 366 Shares: 17 Posted:

The Tribez

Great news, Chiefs! The tribezmen are having a huge sale! Here are some bonuses to make this Friday even more special. ➡ Launch the game now!

Likes: 508 Shares: 5,519 Posted:

The Tribez

In February, the tribesmen are in for a colorful and boisterous Lunar Festival. ⛩🧧 The Island will be embellished by amazing decorations, the sky above it lit by numerous fireworks. ... Join the celebrations!

Likes: 806 Shares: 30 Posted:

The Tribez

Let's do a roll call! What country and city are you from?

Likes: 19 Shares: 43 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, if you could ask the tribezmen to build you a house, which one would you choose? 🏘

Likes: 933 Shares: 37 Posted:

The Tribez

Let’s play a game! Name a city that starts with the last letter of the previously named city. The tribezman starts with Barcelona. So, the next city must start with an “A”. Your turn!

Likes: 13 Shares: 18 Posted:

The Tribez

The tribezmen worked all week to prepare these gifts for you! ➡ Launch the game now!

Likes: 477 Shares: 41 Posted:

The Tribez

Chiefs, if you could travel to any place in the world with your tribezmen, where would you go?

Likes: 179 Shares: 8 Posted:

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Tribez is an adventure, where you travel to a distant past full of secrets, mysteries and many hours of addictive discovery!

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