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laugh Welcome to the Club! Feel Free to Introduce yourself here yes

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Hi, nice to see a forum about The Tribez.  Am i the only one

Hello, I'm Jacquee. Recently started Tribez. Trying to learn without having to use cheats and money. Want to know how to play Farmer's tournament. I don't know what a Farmer Bay Building is or where it's found. Unsure where is Farmers Bay. Still will continue the game. I have quit playing Farmville and Paradise Bay, totally love this game. [email protected] Thanks ya'll

Hi I have been playing. Tribes now for a while.

How do I access the pineapple plant so. As.  To progress on farmers

Hi im sharon. I love the game. Can someone tell me on farmers bay. How to upgrade the ostrich farm

Been playing Tribez for awhile now , stuck on how to progress to get sheep farm , any help appreciated.


Sharon You need Amber to upgrade ostrich farm which you get from the mammoth .This is the only place you can get it . You'll need fish and other items to send him on a journey to get it

I enjoy playing but I am frustrated with the ostrich farm. What is the little orange thing I need and where do I get them? 

Does anyone know how to get pets I've built pet shop but don't know how to get pets thanks

To get pets you have to use items you won with the firemountain, spring garden etc. The petshop doesn't provide the pets itself.


Hello.  I am fairly new to the game.  I have been playing for about a month.  I am looking for neighbors.  Good to see there is a forum for the game.  

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