WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Bluffin Money

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Bluffing money. When they think you got some and you don't so you just keep beating until everybody, but its always that one person who trying to be the bad boy so go All-in and then he fold and that's how you can bluff a person for fast quick and fast.

I love doing it like that.what you goin to do when your money is low bluff.that easy they dont knw what you got some bluff like u got high card in your hand.

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Can I please get 999999999 chips please.

thank you WSOP

I want 999999999 chips plss 

100 million please
How can I get free chips not just 5 thousand at a time
100 million please and thank you.
80 million please
1000000 chips please
100 million plzz
100 million chips
9999999999999099 Chips pliss