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Bluffing money. When they think you got some and you don't so you just keep beating until everybody, but its always that one person who trying to be the bad boy so go All-in and then he fold and that's how you can bluff a person for fast quick and fast.

I love doing it like that.what you goin to do when your money is low bluff.that easy they dont knw what you got some bluff like u got high card in your hand.

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Lots of chips please

Lol that's don't always work because when you try someone with a big hand always calls a raise or some idiot with suited cards then wsop gives them the win. Example last night Omaha me and this one guy were battling it out and this third donkey was staying in couldn't figure it out why but pot was almost 200mill by the time we were done and this moron who was in for no reason did it because he had one card twords a possible flush and I had trip sixes other guy had trip fives can you guess who won! Not me ! The moron with the one card for a possible flush won he got all his flush cards! How do u call 100mill dollars on hopes to catch a long shot flush? People are just too ignorant on this poker app.wsop can say they have a random card generator and they don't do trips it but that's B's. They make it legal for the certificate then they change it up after inspection. And that's only obvious because of how often you get same cards right in a row or how often one week it will be nothing g but full houses hitting the board or flushes and ext till a new update and when they update they change up the generator plus I think each seat is programmed to do its own thing like one you can raise from and almost every time your cards will come out one you can release from and mess up the way cards were supposed to come out for the initial raiser one you can raise from and push out a flush and o e no matter what you do you will never catch a hand

I need many more chips, please
it's all in the way play that makes the bluff
Snd chips
Chips please
Chip me please
1millon chips please

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