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Bluffing money. When they think you got some and you don't so you just keep beating until everybody, but its always that one person who trying to be the bad boy so go All-in and then he fold and that's how you can bluff a person for fast quick and fast.

I love doing it like that.what you goin to do when your money is low bluff.that easy they dont knw what you got some bluff like u got high card in your hand.

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Some bluffing money would be awesome really sick of buying chips and losing love the game hate t o lose thanks spent way to much money on chips need help thanks
That's good. I played for months as well before I went on a 10 month long losing streak..its a 100% fact that when I join any table I will lose hand after hand no matter what cards I have. Cards such as 2 10.....4 9......5 8 and j 4 that i will fold will 95% of the time turn out to be a winner.. Hands ive called with AA...AK...AQ..10 10...KK..QQ. J9....Q9...K 10...99...77...and 55 I always lose on...times ive gotten 83 suited and lose connection only to find out I could've won..have lost 100s of millions in a hand where I have best hand but cant call or bet the.last card because connection gets slow and im thrown from table. Times that ive won a couple good pots in row I will all the sudden lose connection and be thrown from.table have perfect connection every hand after that...and lose every hand after that...coincidence???
Free chips are just a lure u in. In the end the house always wins. No different on this app. Casino's. Offer free play money, gifts and hotel stays. They know it will lure u in to spend more of your own money and lose. So wsop offers free chips knowing eventually.u.will make a purchase. A$1,000 later and 140,000 hands played im still at a.0 balance. Wsop is a scam and ripoff..something has done
I agree. Its why ive saved screenshots and play by to prove this app is a scam. Just need to find out how I can go above wsop.and make a complaint along with all my proof. Anyone know who I to file against wsop for running a scam on players?
Really I've played for months and haven't purchased a thing, nothing,nada, zero. And stop find time for community service also no money needed maybe you should focus on what you can do to help the homeless in your area and stop ranting about what other people are doing
Thanks for the chips
It's just a game like any other. Look at Candy Crush, you can buy power ups and all sorts of stuff to get to the next level. At least this game gives lots of ways to earn free chips and tables that have different buy in levels. :)

This game set u up to lose your chips praying that you purchase fake chips with real money. What fool makes a financial decision like that? Feed the homeless is a selfish move when we have homeless out in the world. These people are scammers and they pray on idiots to purchase fake chips with real money. Is a scam as fast as you purchase is as fast as they set you up to lose it praying for you to purchase again. I have seen some of the idiots on the table refilling on chips and losing fake chips that they purchase with real money lose it. Is a scam and a rip off. They say to you they are under watch with the cards shuffled is a program control to flip the cards to rip your chips. This is one of the worst poker game I ever used. 

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