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I know how to collect the 5000 / 6500 chip bonuses that are posted hourly.

My question is, how do you collect the little chip me in quotations chip bonuses on page  6 7 8

Petcetera quick enough to get that bonus? It seems that everytime I click on one it says that they have gone cold. Thank you

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Discuss Bonuses on pages 6, 7, etc...


Cool. Ty
The only way that I'm ever able to get any of those is click box that says show links with less then 3 clicks. that usually works If it shows you any, but it doesn't take long for the link to get 3 clicks. I don't know your location or when you get on the game, but if you figure out the times the game has the most players. Then sometimes you can do pretty good keeping it on show links with 3 or less clicks and reload it every 30 seconds. It doesn't take that long to get a good bit Bc most all those links I've seen pay $20,000 instead of $3,500-6,500. Imo the best and easiest way to get money is to get friends. When you're at a table click on the different people that you're playing against. You'll see a + symbol that says add friend. Then go to gifts section and send them chips (the chips are free and you don't litterally give them your money). They will see they've got gifts and they'll see a link that says collect and send. So they will send chips back to you. The more friends you get the more money you get. Idk what your status is but mine is silver so each gift is between $2000-6000. If you're bronze it'll be less, but more if gold. You do the math if you have 100 people sending you chips every day that's a good bit. A LOT more then you get on here bc they usually only give $3,500-6,500 every four hours. I'm not complaing though Bc I'll take all the free money I can get, and sometimes they have GREAT links on here like $50,000-200,000 or mega bonus. You can't never really tell what you're gonna get on here, but it's always good
Some times u got to love the game and then there's times when I want to delete it.


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