WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Chip count errors

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On 12/14/17, Joshua From WSOP Support wrote:
> Hi,
> I kindly inform you that I have checked your bankroll's history, and I was
> able to see that both increases and decreases in your overall chip balance
> were calculated correctly, and resulted from normal gameplay.
> Please note that chips cannot disappear from your account without being
> spent within the application, by playing at the tables, tournaments, using
> the slot machine, purchasing table gifts and poker faces, etc.
> I hope the information provided was useful, and, should you have any other
> queries regarding WSOP, please don't hesitate to contact us again.
> Our team is here to assist!
> Best regards,
> Joshua
> WSOP Concierge Team

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I hit a diamond royal flush Sunday the 21st playing 5and 10 thousand anti during powerhand I didn't get the 12 million bonus for a Royal flush, later the same day I hit 2-6 spade flush and I didn't get the straight flush bonus. Just wanted to know why
I always get robbed of my first round winnings in every tournament and its b.s. how do I get them refunded?
You guys keep over charging me for my chips
I lost 20000 and the game took 2000000
I please

i had over 137million chips in the morning and when i signed on again that night I had 17million.  I would like to know what happened to the chips.  

My free codes are not posting to my account, they are saying "sweet"...Also, My mega bonus does not work, it let me click on it, then froze, then the game just refreshed with no spin.

Alguien me puede decir como consigo el 10,J,Q,K y A en el bankroll,si alguien sabe ese truco se lo agradecería mucho que me lo diga.Gracias.

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