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Why is it that 90% of the comments I see are people begging for chips. Like come on you're already on a free chip site, seriously I dont get what all the spam is about. HERE'S A FREE TIP


2. Sign up for new FaceBook - friend your main FaceBook. MAKE SURE TO USE GOOGLE CHROME - use different browser to log onto main facebook obviously. I use Opera or sometimes my phone. 

3. Log onto main FB invite new facebook acount ( the one you just made) to play poker. Get free 50k and 10k (or more depending on platika status) for every Mega Bonus and Chip collection you earn on that new account.

4. Collect all the chips or just all the big bonuses on this site like me. Do your first mission that makes your Golden Wedge 200%, its easy just earn 15k chips or skip it idc up to you lol. Then to transfer chips onto main account either be patient leave and join tables till you find an empty one or just do it the old fasion way. I find that most of the time easy empty tables are the MINIMUM buy in tables of 2.5 MIL just check both fast/normal tables. If you join a table as the last person making the table full, leave the table wait a few seconds for someone else to take your old spot, rejoin and that should open up a new table for you.


6. INFINITE PROFIT ?!?!?! ( just takes time ) 

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Hahaha yes!

How do you do it through chrome if the 10min is from .net?

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