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Is it only me or is anyone else seeing occasional miscal as yestwrday. I had three 7s but on the river someone pulled a staight. But there more $ in the pot n the next winning hand was two pair someone had. Where I'm looking at my three 7s and the 'hand strength' monitor which says "three of a kind". But the chips went two pair n whip zoom it's all disappeared.May i hear from others?This is not an isolated thing. This has happened perhaps a dozen times since i been on WSOP. Or at least enough to become a nuisance n make me go to all this pecking.My contribution for a minute.Cowboy.
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What type of a games when you have a pair trying to make a triple and the other person has two pairs and you try to make a trip on the end you lose all of you those games are sucks and it has happened too many times to me too so now can I have some chips please

I to have had this to me numerous times thinking how did I not win this hand? Was my vision off are what ? Being a lower cards played beating my better hand. What’s up with this?

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