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1st off, I know its a free game. Win or lose chips, no biggie. But if you put up a game for people to play, Please make it work correctly. I have seen and been the victom of the blinds not moving or progressing around the table properly. I myself have been the BIG bling 6 times in a row befor the danged thing moves on the the next player, causes loss of chips due to bad hold card and still being put in the the blind bet. even if you fold right away it takes the chips out of your pot. And when playing on the higher priced tables, 100K out of my purse is anoying when getting a off suit 7-2 or the like. Just exasperating.  They need to fix this issue. I have emailed them and get no answer.  LOL  what I expeced anyway.....

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You never will get a response from them because they don't care can you imagine how many millions of dollars these people are making off of us it's ridiculous go to World Poker Tour $20 a month you're eligible for $100,000 in cash and prizes and you don't have anybody buying billions of chips and bedding all in every hand it's very competitive and it's a hell of a lot more fun you actually feel like you're playing in a poker tournament that you watch on TV I've been screwed and raped over so many times by World Series of Poker it's ridiculous if you don't believe that it's rigged Google action flop Theory you will not believe it it's rigged higher players cannot go to lower cables because they don't want the lower players getting discouraged and quitting so we get penalized if we want to only bet 20 million instead of 500 million trust me I've lost and gained on this site so please try it good luck everyone
Totally agree

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