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I have absolutely no doubt the game is fixed. After deleting cookies and signing in with a new browser, I've been dealt a huge number of great hands. I will often get flushes, streights or 2-3 of a kind. I even got 4, not an hour after making a new account- I still haven't gotten 4 of a kind on my month old account. Tournaments also have surprisingly become much, much easier.

My other account is older, a higher level. I've played the same tournament 7 times in a row, only to lose to the final opponent or earlier each time- where I would win one out of 3 tourneys on my new character. I rarely get good hands on the drop, let alone an ace or king at all maybe once every 10-15 hands. I've done this multiple times, with the exact same result- new accounts get better odds.

I believe the game is designed to hook a player, especially one who spends money, using an algorithm that determines hands based upon that player's history. I've read that Zynga does that with both poker and spades as well. New players should have the same chance as old- but if that were the case, less people would sign up if they had to play experienced players.

It is extremely unethical, especially since people spend enourmous ammounts of money thinking they actually have a chance. I've also noticed how players seem to go blindly all in with terrible hands that ammount to nothing, like a 6 and 3 for example, and wind up with streights or other rarities- all the time. I'm sure any other player that has been around a while has seen this.

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hehe was saying me the exact same thing.
just new on the android wsop, i got easily more than 50 million the first days, was saying me i was good, playing with high risk and giving ton of money to dealer for fun, others ppl asking me why i wasted so much money ^^
and then i suddenly get bankrout and i now hard fighting under 1 million, ruined every day waiting the free gift every 3-4 hours ^^

so new player have advantage on old one for sure, unfair..

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