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How many times in your poker playing life have you seen two four of a kinds  I have seen it happen teice in the last two times I played.  Odds there are no odds to explain sometning like this.HHow often lately have you seen nothing but pure garbage hands with a small pair or a high card winning and it is an 8. These have all been 5 handed games.  I do more folding now thanI have ever done in muy life and I am 72.  I play a live table at a casino with a $ by in and we do not see this many trash with a real deck of card and a flesh and blood dealer.  What I been doing lately depends on the atart of the game by the end of the second hand yoou know who is going to win at WSOP. They tell yo that there equipment can not be tampered or pre set to who wins and who looses  I refuse to by chips anymore I playa up to Sydeny and wont go any higher.It is not worth being completely wiped ou on a 80M buy in and if you are lucky youll geet to play maybe 3 or 4 hands before your broke.  You get dealt apair of aces see one ace on the flop Jumpp on it and get beat by a full house or a flush.  It is not any fun any more so I am going to try and find a game that gives you some wins and play time.  Thanks for listeniing to me your friend Ruben Thomasson. one more thing Iam a diamoind level and have over 300 poker buddies I process 150 send and recieves a day and that can be a lot of chips,


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Of cos its rigged. As long it's controlled by electronics. If you notice that mostly whenever you fold a hand, the cards that turn up, are the cards you want. Don't need a genius to figure that out. So just play to kill time, since we know it as such. 


I feel your pain. 3 queens gets beat by playing 5 2 off wins with 2 heart flush. I as well play live. Haven't seen many flushes in real deck. It happens occasionally. I saw as many as 4 flushes same suit one hand Tonight. Same game 3 in one hand. It's nuts.
You're exactly right I've said the same fun thing. The games not a scam bc can't tell what's in another man's hand, Butttt the cards are against your hand until you fold then the exact card you need falls. Like I was dealt 2 aces so called pre flop. Then 3 cloves flip over guy bets 30 thousand. He could be bluffing, but I fold on my cards bc any of the other players could have flush and even a low one beats my pair. Then an ace is. Flopped over and they check then. Another ace is laid down and happens to be when you folded lol. Then whenever you get crappy cards and some other guys thinks he's the Joker and says good fold haha and he bluffed haha. So i tell him thanks for the compliment on the fold and glad that he got a laugh but I fold off my cards not his. I bet or fold on cards I see and bluffed by cards I see not by ones I can't.
Iwant chips
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Hello you right all make sence i read evry thang dont but dont give up on somthing you like to do take a break from it and try again

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