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So far I have contacted WSOP starting from the 2nd July, 5 or 6 times got reply back within the first 2 days later with a possible fix, didn't work, wrote back to them the same day 2nd July, no reply, waited a week wrote again, still no reply, wrote again still no reply. Getting fed up now, I have now waited 17 days for a reply. I sent pic of my screen with no friends on it's just a black box, guess what, cheeky

OH YESSSSSSSS they contacted me I have to submitt again, angry for new ticket.  In total I've sent them 5 email with screen shots the make of my computer what  broswer I'm using, told them what I have done to help myself like doing a clean, they have everything they need to reply. But no I have to submit again, I am so tatally pissed off with them.

Got my new ticket, I sent them reminder and it's again I have been ignored. All I keep getting is the same old auto reply, sorry we are busy, do I believe that? HELL NO. no  Anyone else got this problem? 1) not having friends list showing 2) not getting the help you need from W S O P . I tell you guys, I asked for help once on this site and belive me or not within 5 mins, I don't know who it was but they helped me straight away, try asking for help here first, I'm sure there will be someone here who will advise you. Good luck all. 

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