WSOP – Texas Holdem Poker Granted I'm Online Playing (which I Do At Least 2-3 Hours A Day)...I Can Assist:

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...oh yeah also: I wanted to make it super clear that the sole purpose of me wanting to help is because I read way too many posts on here of begging people. Furthermore, beggars cannot be choosers. I want those particular to graciously think about it before any complaints/demands are made. Thank you everyone!

Hi Mike,


I was wondering which techniques are even working for this game, I just lost my last B's and getting sick of the waiting an specially the so called "mega" bonus that is spinning the same lowest ammount for like the 7th time now in a row :(


Awaiting your response.

With kind regards!

The Rio2016 code doesn't work for me
Tried it still not working

Dude, I'm sorry, as I guess it's a faulty server/error then. I've tried to redeem things that had no clicks and/or offered within minutes and then got told it wasn't available; so f*** it and continue with the endless, future offers as you probably have been doing already. Take care man...

There are PLENTY other opportunities to claim free chips. Hit me up if you find yourself wanting to play still after losing all your chips and the "chip refills" you know of won't be for a good while.

Cool, I guess you found what you're looking for; or at least I hope so. Reason being I've not yet received a response despite the daily log-in that both you and I (and a grip of others) do. Cool! My job here (in regards to you only) is done! Best of luck on the tables...

- Mike

Hey man I was hoping you would help me out with free chips. I read your post so let me know if it's cool. I was up 12 million less than. 2hours ago and I took nasty hits please help me out thanks
I guess I replied o an older comment of yours. But I was hoping that your offer to help with chips was still open? I could really use the guidance and would very much appreciate your help man, thanks
Got any new way of getting chips i got 0 lol

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