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This is my first comment on any sorta thread or message board or whatever this is considered. If you have ever popped on here to share a bad beat story you might consider having your head examined. Your brain is letting you down if you think a single person on the planet, much less perfect strangers, care that you got all in with AK and the other guy had QJ and rivered a straight and won the pot. NO ONE CARES. And if you've ever typed or uttered the phrase "it won't let me win" when referring to this app, I feel bad for you because you have no idea that you're a loser. It's a game. Most sane folks are not pumping real money into it for fake/pretend chips. This makes it a little tougher to consistently win, but mostly you lose because you're not good at this game. Good luck and hope to see you at my table soon

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Well said my poker friend don't people understand it's called gambling not winning
Of course but you gamble fo win right. Well i learn zomething new everytime i play

Right On!!!

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Obviously you care enough to call those people out. Didn't you?  

You are obviously one of the noobs that thinks its ok to play like a fool. Just because its free doesnt mean you shouldnt respect the proper play of the game. Good day donk

LMAO, You said it.    I have accumulated over 70 mill chips by playing like its real money. If you bet on crap hands or like to go all in, (go play lotto) all the time. You will run out of chips quickly, and if you ever get on a real money table at a casino.....You will be so used to playing int the "free chip" mode you will go home broke!!!  Use the free play games to hone your skills, and by the way....the reading people skills are more important then the hand you get. Anyone can learn the hand values.....Playing the people, how they bet, how they act in person when geting good and bad hands is the ticket. The big money player didnt get there by gooing all in all the time....LOL


500,000,000 money please

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