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On the 1st page of Poker for dummies, it says you can win or lose your money. You can check,call, raise, or go all in. You can also fold so don't cry if you don't win. You're the one that gets to choose, so respect the game even when you lose. If you really think it's a scam, then tell the others what's in their hand. That's something I'm not able to see, so some must have a different version then me. When I play for real or if its online, I'm not forced to call the Big Blind. The way I play it's not that hard, If I raise or fold it's based on my cards. What I do is based on the ones that I hold, if I don't trust then I will fold. I can't see what's in the other players hand, not even on here cause it's not a scam. Take the good with the bad, if you lose don't get mad. Some days you lose some days you win, if you're beating others do you feel sorry for them? Do you say sorry the game must be a scam, or do you smile when winning like your uncle Sam. If so then I've got some bad news, that money you won will be gone when you lose. You can get mad and cry like the rain, or get some free chips and enjoy the game.
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Good game

Good game

I agree
You're exactly correct.....It's not fun when the rabbit has the gun

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